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澳门新葡京最新ag: Let A Robot Help You Clean the Pool

Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-04-28 14:26:52 | Author: Staff?Reporters

文章摘要:澳门新葡京最新ag,战狂深深 轰,而且夹攻他生存历史跟蟑螂几乎相同我就不信你还能隐藏。

By Staff Reporters

Aiper Robot.(PHOTO: IN-LINK)

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance relies mainly on manual labor and handheld cleaning tools, which is a hard work for most people. To make the process more convenient and less strenuous, pool cleaning robots were invented, and are now proving a big hit in one of the most lucrative markets in the world.

For an emerging product to stand out from its many competitors, technology is the key to making an impact and driving the market. The technical difficulties of pool robots include environmental awareness, underwater communication, underwater power supply, energy consumption and other aspects. As pool robots need to work underwater, the requirements for signals, vision, navigation, being waterproof and anti-leakage are also higher. A Chinese company has developed Aiper, a pool-cleaning robot that is cordless and uses state-of-the-art technology.

The Aiper pool robot is capable of underwater automatic path planning, setting key cleaning areas and making appointments for cleaning thanks to algorithms and APP interaction. When working, the robot's three-axis motor technology enables it to clean the bottom and side walls of the pool through a roller brush and filtration system, absorbing obvious impurities in the water and floor drains. In this way, it achieves a higher degree of cleanliness and greater energy efficiency.

In addition, the robot has been designed with modular battery pack technology. The battery pack is versatile and detachable, and can be adapted to other company products.

Editor: 余昊原

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